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Wallet Loss Alert NotificationWallet Loss Alert Notification

Haven’t we all forgotten our wallets?

Only to lose them forever?

With Secura Smart Clutch, your Cash, Passport, Govt. IDs & that quintessential Kaajal will always be with you, as you’ll get a reminder notification in case you leave it behind.

Women’s Safety FeatureWomen’s Safety Feature

We’ve all be worried about the safety of our women, especially when they are travelling alone.

Secura Smart helps you track their real time location once sharing permission is granted. Get Secura Smart & say bye to worries & anxiety attacks!

Phone FinderPhone Finder

Do you have a meltdown when you can’t find your expensive phone as its on Silent Mode?

Now, coolly take your Secura Smart, double press it & your phone will ring helping your find it.

Best part? It works even when you phone is on Silent Mode.

Wallet FinderWallet Finder

Wallets have a knack of disappearing right when you need it. Sometimes its under the couch, under the newspaper or inside your drawer.

Simply tap the “Ring Button” in the app, your wallet starts ringing helping you find it.

Hands-free perfect SelfiesHands-free perfect Selfies

Who doesn’t love taking Selfies?

Double press Secura Smart and take the perfect Hands-free Selfies!.

Hands-on-hip, pout, wink or smile. Freedom to Pose with Secura Smart!

Last Seen Location on MapLast Seen Location on Map

What if you forget both your wallet & phone?

Don’t worry we have got you covered! Just login to your Chipolo account using Facebook or Google logins.

Even if you are countries apart it shows up exactly where on the map.