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Tweak to Triumph

Thinking of selling in India but you don’t know where to even start? India seems exotic and getting a finger on its pulse seems very tough. At first glance, there seem to be no similarities between the U.S or U.K of the West and India in the east and this west/east divide seems too high to overcome.

However, at a closer look you will see that there is a ‘Lingua Franca,’ that is uniting two very different cultures.

This is the English Language. Did you know that English is one of India’s official languages?

English language is the common thread between India and the world!

You can use the English language as a bridge to connect with India’s youth who have for years consumed American and British literature, films and now T.V. at high volumes. Harry Potter/Big Bang Theory/Minions are some of the sub-cultures that we Indians have adopted. "

The lack of the language barrier really helps in the assimilation between the east and west. Don’t think of the Indian market as impenetrable. Use what we have as common as the starting point and go from there.

The other part about selling in India is that the market for customised-tee is still not saturated.

The Indian Market for Customised tees is yet Un-saturated!

There is still ample space for simple straight-forward slogans and messages. If you search the complete Indian market for a T-Shirt on Doctors, you will find that there are only about 20 odd designs and slogans. The T-Shirt wearing youth is eager to sport their ideas and identities on the t-shirts they wear.

This is a unique opportunity for you to use your past experience and tweak your designs a bit to fit the sensibilities of the Indian market.

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