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Top Niches in India

This article will try to showcase the current trends in India and throw some light on interesting niches in the Indian Market.

However, at a closer look you will see that there is a ‘Lingua Franca,’ that is uniting two very different cultures.


There are some things that have captured the imagination of the whole nation. Every single person has an opinion about these listed below. The food of India is varied and differs from region to region and state to state. Find out about regional quirks and then you can create a tee and even target it to the group of people belonging to that region. The other big Indian passion is Cricket. Watch out for big cricketing events like the yearly IPL (Indian Premier League) or the Cricket World Cup that takes place every 4 years. Travel and Music are universal passions and you will just have to tweak your slogans and designs to suit India. Politics is another big topic on everybody’s mind throughout the year, but things do get heated up during election times. Keep an eye out at those times to see if anything fun and light could be used to commemorate the elections.

5 Top passions of the Indian Youth

1. Food
2. Cricket
3. Politics
4. Travel
5. Music


As you may already know, the most preferred professions of all Indians and their parents are Engineering and Medicine. A large number of our youth are in these fields and they fit right in our Target Audience. You can make relevant tees for them and be able to target them successfully on Facebook. Moreover, Hyderabad, Bangalore as well as Mumbai are big I.T hubs. You can select these regions and target them by profession.

There are two kinds of professionals in India – Youngsters working in big M.NCs and others who are struggling to starts their own tech start-ups. These will be the best target groups to showcase and sell your T-Shirts to.

5 Top professions/Professional aspirations

1. The Engineer
2. The Doctor
3. The I.T Professional
4. Working at an MNC
5. Entrepreneur and their Start-Ups


Bollywood is big in India. The rich, the poor, or the middle class, everyone watches movies and can hum to the songs from Bollywood movies. Lately this overwhelming passion is facing stiff competition from Hollywood films. Indians, especially the youth look forward to every big Hollywood film. All big franchises collect big at the Box Office. Indians are crazy about the below movies.
Take a chance on these and create smart T-Shirts for the Hollywood-crazy Nation! – Remember not to violate any copyrights or trademarks!

5 Top Hollywood movies that Indians are crazy about in 2015

1. Star Wars
2. Avengers
3. Terminator
4. Fast and Furious
5. Jurrasic World

T.V Series

The Indian sub-continent is crazy about T.V. We have our own shows, both national as well as regional. But the youth have found another addiction – Indian youth have adopted American T.V series with all their heart. It all started with Friends the famous T.V show and from then on there was no turning back.

Indians are now watching series after series, season by season and gulping them down as fast as possible. The youth of India is in love with American T.V! Play around with funny dialogues and iconic funny moments!

5 Top TV Series that have influenced the Indian Psyche

1. Friends
2. The Big Bang Theory
3. How I met your Mother
4. Game of Thrones
5. Modern Family

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