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Announcing ExperTEEs

The biggest ever T-shirt selling game in India!!

"Come join the race for FAME and CASH! This winter, things will get heated up in the TEE World! Come prove your ExperTEEs by selling products like Tees, Hoodies on My Dream Store in the India’s Biggest T-shirt Selling games kicking off from 20 November, Friday.

Apart from your regular profits, here is the golden chance to win more! All you have to do is to REGISTER for the competition, SELL as many products as you can on our platform between the period November 20th - December 20th, reach the MILESTONES and walk away with cool cash incentives! "


Reach the following milestones and get rewarded for each unit sold

Milestone (No of products Sold) Incentive per product Sold (INR) Total Incentive Amount (INR) Net Earnings (INR)
2000 100 200,000 200,000 + Profit
1000 90 90,000 90,000 + Profit
500 80 40,000 40,000 + Profit
200 75 15,000 15,000 + Profit
100 60 6,000 6,000 + Profit
50 50 2,500 2,500 + Profit

Ready for the challenge and prove your expertise in T­Shirt selling ? We will be happy to see you in the ExperTEES leaderboard.
Write to in you have any questions regarding the competition, we will be happy to assist you!