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Men's Top Wear

Full Sleeve - Wine Red

₹ 699 ₹ 1,299 (46% OFF)

Full Sleeve Crew Neck Combo (3-Pack)

₹ 1,299 ₹ 1,999 (35% OFF)

Full Sleeve Crew Neck Combo (2-Pack)

₹ 999 ₹ 1,499 (33% OFF)

Full Sleeve - Royal Blue

₹ 699 ₹ 1,299 (46% OFF)

Full Sleeve - Elegant Black

₹ 699 ₹ 1,299 (46% OFF)


₹ 799 ₹ 1,299 (38% OFF)

Trouble Maker

₹ 799 ₹ 1,299 (38% OFF)

Beast Mode

₹ 799 ₹ 1,299 (38% OFF)

Hug Me

₹ 799 ₹ 1,299 (38% OFF)

As fashion is advancing in terms of durability, comfort and style, there have been lesser viable options for men as compared to women. My Dream Store stocks upon T Shirts, Hoodies and even Polos - “Binding comfort and style together to deliver affordable fashion pieces at your doorstep.”


·    Camo Tee: The Camo T-shirt is made of top quality fabric and gives you the option of two colours to choose from - Camo Grey & Camo green. A solid pair of joggers paired with this camo tee will work excellently for all your night out plans.

·    Classic Tee Combo (4-Pack): The most staple piece of everyone's wardrobe that goes with all of your statement pieces. With the most demanded colours put together into this bundle of four.

·    Classic V-Neck Tee: Show off your style with this classic T-shirt featuring a v neck that flatters your body. It's available in four classic colours and even a combo.



Get that polished look along with supreme comfort with our Polo T-shirts. They are perfect when you want to look more put together with little effort. Polos have a structured fit and rest comfortably on your shoulders giving a classy touch to your outfit. Its material is breathable, so you can wear it all year long and it makes a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

·    Camo Polo: Be a trendsetter by styling this perfectly fit and structured Camo Polo T-shirt featuring the French Terry Fabric, 100% Combed Cotton and a premium camo print. It's available in two of the most popular colours- Camo Green and Camo Grey.

·    Elegant Indian Polo: The elegance of black that makes the Indian Flag print shine, would look amazing on all body types. If you're a patriot or know someone who is, it would be a great purchase.

·    Greatest Dad: If you're looking for something that your Dad would absolutely love and also get the best utility out of, then this polo t-shirt is perfect as a gift.

Sweatshirts & Hoodies

·    Elegant Hoodie: Why look boring, when you can look interesting? Grab this as it's perfect for the coming winters and so you can comfort yourself with a hoodie. Look Stylish this Season with Elegant Hoodie that comes in amazing colours and combos.

·    Classic Zipper Hoodie: With our Classic Zipper Hoodie, you get the Two in One feature. You can use it as a cardigan or zip it & comfort yourself with a hoodie. The high-quality zipper is durable and functions smoothly. Available in Black, Navy Blue, Maroon and Grey.

·    Believe In Yourself: There's nothing better than self-motivation and with this hoodie, you can say that in style. Featuring premium quality print and 100% Pure Cotton, this hoodie is one of our bestsellers.

·    Love Live Travel: Keep exploring with this Love Live Travel Hoodie and travel to all your destinations with comfort and style.

·    Keep it Simple: If simplicity is you and you love comfort, all you got to do is put this hoodie on

·    Camo Hoodie: Camouflage hoodies can never go wrong when you want to amp up your style. Perfect for wintery nights, this hoodie adds flare to your style while keeping you comfortable.

·    Bomber Jacket: Modern take on jackets that are knitted to perfection with a premium fabric that will make you stand out. The Bomber Jacket features a unique cut that hugs your body and instantly makes you look fit.

·    Assassins Hoodie V 2.0: Offering the ultimate comfort with a style that sets you apart at a very affordable price is our Assassin Hoodie. If you're a fan of the Assassins Creed, then this Hoodie is a must-have in your collection.

·    Sweatshirt: Sophisticated yet stylish hoodies that bring you comfort. With a fleece fabric that has a snug fit to give you comfort on the inside and style on the outside, these sweatshirts are perfect for a date night!

V-Neck T-Shirts

V-Neck is one of the most popular types of Tshirt loved by both men and women. It's appealing to most men as it fits their body properly than a regular t-shirt and shows the natural lines of their body. V-Necks are great for layering during winters with a jacket over it paired with jeans and sneakers.

·    Classic V-Neck Tee: Modern V-Neck Tee that brings you comfort. With a 100%Combed cotton fabric that has a snug fit to give you comfort on the inside and style on the outside, it is available in four of the most staple colours.

·    Classic V-Neck Combo (4-Pack): The most staple piece of everyone's wardrobe that goes with all of your statement pieces. With the most demanded colours put together into this bundle of four, style them however you want.

Full Sleeve T-Shirts

·    Full Sleeve Crew Neck Combo (3-Pack): With Full Sleeves T-shirts that are perfect for this season, the combo is one of our popular products.

·    Believe In Yourself: Featuring premium quality prints and 100% Pure Cotton, this Full Sleeves T-shirt is amazing for winters.

·    Full Sleeve - Wine Red: With full sleeves and a relaxed fit, this Full Sleeves t-shirt ensures a comfortable and relaxed look when paired with casual shoes and a backpack.

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