You will be charged only if that particular campaign’s product is successful. We authorize payment when you pre-order so that amount is debited from your card but held by your bank as a pending charge which will be credited back to your account in case the campaign fails to reach its goal. If the campaign reaches its goal by the time it ends, we manufacture and deliver the products to you.
Yes! We offer COD only for very limited campaigns. For all transactions in this method, there will be an extra charge of INR 69 per product.
No. Currently we are delivering products only in India.
You can cancel your order from our automated support system which can be accessed here -
Yes. In-case of prepaid order cancellation, Your refund will be credited to your source bank account.
For order value above INR 300, we offer free shipping all over India. For order value less than INR 300 we charge INR 50 as additional shipping charges.
You will receive your products in 5-7 days once the campaign ends.
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As of now, Our Platform is allowed only for limited set of users. Please fill your Interest in the form here - ##Form-Link. Our Team will get back to you at the earliest!
No it’s absolutely free of cost.
Once we provide access to our Platform, There are no limits in number of campaigns / products that can be launched.
You have the freedom to select the campaign length from 1 to 5 days. Moreover, it will take 5-6 days for us to manufacture and ship the products once the campaign successfully comes to closure.
We levy a flat charge (Base Price) per every product we fulfil. This Base Price covers costs for Base material, Printing charges, Packaging costs, Customer Support Charges, Delivery charges, Payment Gateway charges and margins.
We handle Production (Printing, Packaging), Delivery, Customer Service (Returns, Refunds) of your products with utmost quality and care. You sit back, relax and enjoy the profits!
No. Currently one can sell custom products only to the Indian Buyers.
Please visit the link to know more details - How to get payouts
If the campaign is not meeting the Terms & Conditions of My Dream Store, we will bring down your campaign.
• Goal Quantity of 3 products
• Next day shipping for matched return orders
• Daily payouts
• Abandoned Cart Recovery
• Coupon Code Creation
• Customer email lists
• Mutliple payment options - Payu,Paytm, Wallet, cash on delivery etc
In case your campaign doesn’t meet the goal, only the Prepaid orders are Printed, Shipped and COD Orders are rejected. In such cases, Payouts are not transferred to the Campaigners. This is to keep the customer happy and the fact that 99% of the prepaid orders are delivered to the buyer.
Campaigners are eligible to get their payouts for all their Successful campaigns. Our new daily payout system is based on the campaign end date and delivery timelines.
For Prepaid orders, payout is generally processed within three working days of campaign end date.
For COD orders, payout is processed within two working days after the product delivery date.

Read the blog for complete details Here
Abandoned Cart Recovery - In ecommerce, it is common that people add products to their Cart but don’t complete the purchase. One of the proven method to recover those lost orders is to send an alert mail asking them to complete their purchase.
Failed Order Retry System - There are chances that a user might face issues while ordering a product that leads to Failed Orders. In such cases an SMS is sent to the buyers mobile to retry the checkout process and recover the failed orders.
For returns to be reused your new campaign should be launched from the returns panel. If you create a fresh campaign again this will not get automatically linked to your old campaign.
It typically takes 15 to 25 days for a returned order to reach to My Dream Store warehouse.
Login to your dashboard. Hover left to see the side menu and click on ‘Returns’ Tab.
From this dashboard you will be able to access the following dashboards as well :
• Returns in stock
• Returns Dispatched / Reused
• Returns Adjustment
• Returns Invoice Settlements
• Credit Adjustment
Login to your dashboard. Hover left to see the side menu and click on ‘Returns’ Tab.
Now click ‘Returns in Stock’ Tab to view list of all your instock products. You also have option to Download this data.

Click on 'Returns Dispatched' tab to see the reused products data.
We have slashed the Fulfilment Charges to ZERO Rupees for Reused products. Now campaigners only pay the shipping charges for every reused product. These charges vary from product to product.These charges vary from product to product and will be indicated in your Returns Adjustment Dashboard.
Return Adjustments has two components.
• Returns Debit - Adjustment amount for the orders that are returned to the MDS warehouse in a month are debited in the next month billing.
Example - There are 50 return orders received in MDS ware house in the month of January 2018 . The corresponding base price amount of those orders are debited in the first week of February 2018.
• Returns Credit - Adjustment amount for the returned orders that are reused from MDS warehouse instead of printing new orders. For the orders that are reused in a month, the return credit will be processed in next months billing.
Example - There are 20 orders that are reused and dispatched by Mydreamstore in the month of January 2018, the profit pertaining to the 20 orders will be credited in the first week of February 2018.
Orders that show ‘Returned’ status in your campaign report are the total number of orders rejected by the buyers and not the actual number of orders returned back to the MDS Warehouse. Whenever an order is rejected by the buyer, It takes time to return back to MDS Warehouse. Hence the Return orders in your campaign report don’t match with the Return in stock data shown in the warehouse.
Example - A campaign report shows 10 returned orders but there are only 7 in stock at MDS. The other three orders are in ‘return transit’ and yet to reach My Dream Store warehouse.
‘Estimate profit’ is the Gross profits as per the no of orders placed. However in reality there will cancellations, returns please note this amount will reduce after order cancellations, returns.
Net profit is calculated based on profits earned on orders that are delivered to the buyer.
Example - There are 15 orders in a campaign. Out of which 8 are COD orders and 7 are Prepaid orders. There are chances that some COD orders might be cancelled before printing then product and some COD orders may be returned by the buyer. So the total delivered orders can be less than the actual number of orders placed.
This is how the payment looks like
Total Orders Placed 15
No of COD Orders ---- A 8
No of Prepaid Orders ------ B 7
No of Cancellations (COD Verification) ----- C 2
Total Orders Dispatched (A+B-C) 13
Delivered Orders 10
Payout Amount (10*270) ------ D Rs.2700
Returned Orders 3
Base Price Adjustment (3*295) ------ E Rs.885
Net Profit (D-E) Rs.1815
This will happen if your Return Debit Adjustment amount is more than the actual payout earned.
Example - In a campaign with 10 orders out of which 6 are delivered and 4 are returned. This is how the payment looks like

Total Orders 10
Delivered Orders 5
Payout Amount (5*270) ------ A Rs.1350
Returned Orders 5
Base Price Adjustment (5*295) ------ B Rs.1475
Net Payable (A-B) Rs. -125

In this case the profits earned by delivering five orders are nullified by return adjustment for five orders. Hence your payout challan will show zero value.